Board Members


Vice President

Darah Fraembs

Sister of Daniel T. Fraembs, Pomona PD, EOW May 11, 1996

Lee Claypool

Sister of Columbus Police Sgt. Christopher Claypool, EOW April 29, 2001

Northwest Ohio

Regional Directors
Grace Leon (Northeast Ohio)

Widow of Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Leon. EOW June 25, 2000.

Mike Muguruza (Central Ohio)
Co-worker and friend of Kelly Fredinburg (Marion County Sheriff’s Office, OR), EOW June 16, 2007. Mike is the school resource officer for ECOT in Columbus

John Kalaman (Southwest Ohio)
Father of Centerville Police Officer John Kalaman, EOW January 12, 1998

Southeast Ohio

Craig Hungler

Co-worker, serves with the City of Dublin Division of Police. Conference Director for the International Conference of Police Chaplains and Chaplain for the Fraternal Order of Police.

If you are interested in one of the open positions contact us at or on the Ohio Cops Facebook page.

Lisa Kaffenberger- Immediate past president
Sister of Tpr. Jack P. Holland II of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, EOW August 21, 2007.
Lisa is also the daughter of retired OSHP S/Lt. Jack P. Holland.

Former board members:
Kelly Raker
Co-worker and friend of Cincinnati Police Officer Daniel Pope, EOW December 5, 1997

Tammy Claypool
Widow of Columbus Police Sgt. Christopher Claypool, EOW April 29, 2001